Since 2001, Agostina Bianchi has been developing her own brand: “Agostina Bianchi”, conceived as designer label .
she design luxury knitwear under procedure of just trade.

Her aim is to develop a differentiated product with its own quality and handcrafted style, with high value add.

Her pieces are part of limited edition collections, representing a woman who values personality and design, and who does not wish to see herself in a uniform.

Her collections include all kinds of handcrafted fabrics: 2 needles, crochet, loom with ancient technologies of the Indians, semi-manual and semi-industrial fabrics with hand made finish.

Agostina Bianchi presents a collection that appeals to the reusability of leftover spinnings of production like source of raw material. she have a strong commitment with the environment, the human being and the animal, for that reason her fervent necessity to restore brings back to consciousness and ethics in all the chain of production until arriving at the consumers.

Collezioni Italia magazine also published her designs.

Agostina Bianchi is a growing brand both in the internal and external markets.